Why students should [re]consider a career in investment

Charlotte, Gabrielle & Check
  • Charlotte Yonge, investment manager at Troy Asset Management; 7 years’ industry experience, manager on the Trojan Fund. Graduated from Cambridge with a degree in MML
  • Gabrielle fund manager with 27 years’ experience; runs the Global Equity Fund at Troy Asset Management, Graduated from University College Dublin with an MA in Economics.
  • Francesca (Check) Warner, Principal at Downing Ventures, 2 years in Venture Capital, Co-Founder of Diversity VC. Graduated from Cambridge with a degree in English Literature.
  1. Objective measure of performance — investment is one of the few industries in which you are actually measured by, and rewarded for, your abilities. The performance of the fund that you run, or the investments you manage, is the true and indisputable measure of your worth, something that you rarely get in other industries.
Gabrielle’s slide showing the performance of her fund (in blue) vs benchmarks
Just some of the companies that Charlotte has spent time with in her time at Troy



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Francesca (Check) Warner

Francesca (Check) Warner

Partner, Ada Ventures. Investing in overlooked founders and markets. Co-founder & CEO of Diversity VC. www.adaventures.com